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AYBS Lightning Policy

AYBS Indianapolis - Youth Baseball and Softball
In the event lightning is spotted by anyone at the fields they are to inform the concession stand, who will then sound a horn one time, at which point everyone is to go to their vehicles and wait for 30 minutes. The team managers and AYBS League reps on-site will monitor the weather and if lightning is not spotted for 30 minutes they will return to the concession stand whereupon the horn will be sounded 2 times, after which play may be resumed. The games will be rescheduled if lightning is still witnessed after 30 minutes, or if play has resumed and lightning is spotted a second time.

Parking Policy

Please DO NOT PARK BEYOND (OR SOUTH) OF THE PARKING LOT. There is no parking on any surface south of the lot. The coaches must remind parents of this also.

Tournament Seeding Policy

Throughout the season, the division standings can be viewed on this page. At the conclusion of the regular season, the tournaments will be seeded using these standings. In case of similar records, the following criteria will be used to break the tie:

  • Head to Head play
  • Runs allowed against the other tied team(s)
  • Runs allowed against all teams over the season
  • Coin flip (virtual)

Field Use Policy

Washington Township Schools has granted Allisonville Youth Baseball and Softball (AYBS) permission to use and maintain the baseball and softball fields, the common areas and AYBS buildings, directly behind the former Wyandot School.  Each year AYBS makes significant financial contributions to improve and  maintain the fields, buildings and the equipment for the purposes of fulfilling the mission of AYBS and its leagues including the Pee Wee and Challenger leagues.

The field and common area use, including all batting cages, between March 1 and October 15 is exclusively for AYBS related activities, practices and games.

Guest teams and those players/coaches not affiliated with AYBS who wish to use during these months must:

  • Submit a Certificate of Insurance confirming Commercial General Liability Insurance with limits of at least $1,000,000 per Occurrence and $2,000,000 Aggregate.  The Certificate shall name both AYBS(full formal name?) and Washington Township Schools as additional insureds.  Certificate should be provided to :
      Steve Ferguson
  • Leave fields, batting cages when an AYBS team, player or coach is waiting.  Most weeknights and Saturdays will be taken starting Mid March from 4:00 pm till sunset, by league practice and play.  Other times may be arranged as calendar permits.
  • Leave no trace after practice, which includes cleaning up your trash, raking fields and repairing any damage to pitching mound and batter's box.  Report any damage to AYBS contact, including but not limited to AYBS or Washington Township buildings, fencing, batting cages, equipment and fields.
  • Abide by AYBS code of conduct for coaches and players and AYBS parking policy.

League Conduct Policy

"Baseball was made for kids and only grown ups screw it up" - Bob Lemon, Hall of Fame Coach and Player

Coaches responsibility

You will be the main contact point to most AYBS parents. Please keep in mind the impact you will have on these children and their parents. AYBS is a recreation league. Keep the mission of AYBS in mind as you practice, play games and interact with participants.

  • Communicate!
    Make sure you have a good email, phone contact for each of the players on your team. Keep parents aware of weekly practices, changes in the schedule and when to arrive for games.

  • Be prepared for each practice and have a plan.
    Keep each player active as much as possible during your time together.

  • Do your best to keep your players safe.
    Swing bats only in designated areas, making sure players are paying attention in practice and all are within the practice area. Make sure players have appropriate safety gear (helmets, mitts, cleats, etc.

  • Be considerate of other teams.
    When your designated practice time is over, promptly leave the field and clean up any trash. After games, make sure the dugout is clean of all trash. If there is a piece of equipment left behind, take to lost and found in the equipment shed.

  • Teach fundamentals and the rules of the game.
    There are many books and online resources that are age appropriate. Ideas for drills and rules are located in the coaches page on the AYBS website.

  • Move players around into different positions in practice and games.
    If it is safe to do so, make sure each player gets to playing time in the infield and outfield.

  • Encourage your players when they make mistakes.
    Most of the players know when they make a mistake and do not have to be reminded. Please do not berate your players and encourage them at all times.

  • Do your best to make sure each player improves during the season.
    Look for ways to coach each player throughout the season.

  • Remember the umpires are learning the game and bigger life lessons.
    Do not argue and keep your players, parents and grandparents from arguing calls. Do not attempt to influence the calls of the umpire verbally or with physical gestures. No one is to stand behind the backstop/dugout in an attempt to intimidate the umpire. Allow the umpire to call the balls and strikes.

    If there is a missed call (rule misinterpretation, not judgment call) during the game, include the umpire while discussing the proper call with the opposing coach.

  • Coaches, control your assistant coaches.
    You are responsible for your team. Make sure each understands the policies of AYBS. Encourage each of your assistants to make good decisions and control their emotions.

  • Model good behavior.
    Your team will follow your lead and your bevaior. Coaches have a big role in assisting these children develop good character.

  • Be a good sport.
    If your team loses a heartbreaker, remind your team keep their chin up, line up and shake hands with the other team. If you win a close game act the same way. Celebrate with your teammate afterward. Be gracious in victory and defeat.

    If you have a concern, please report it to your commissioner or an AYBS board member.

Player's responsibility
  • Show up on time prepared with equipment and a good attitude.
  • Listen to your coaches.
  • Work Hard.
  • Make new friends and have fun.
  • Encourage your teammates.
  • Do your best in practice and in games.